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Old 03-07-2019, 01:40 PM
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Default Re: How you got into and what you love about UW (split thread)

was just thinking..."man I've been on these boards a long ass time...I have no memory whatsoever of making this thread"
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Old 03-08-2019, 05:01 AM
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Default Re: How you got into and what you love about UW (split thread)

I got into Underworld in '96 when I watched NUXX on MTV. I already listened to stuff like the Prodigy, but this was something special – also the music video.
That year I went to the UK for the UEFA Euro 1996 and bought the cd single in HMV.

Back home, I remember going to central Copenhagen by train on several occasions with the sole purpose of looking for cds, cassettes and vinyl. In one of the second hand music shops, I was lucky to find a copy of STITI on vinyl. But mostly I would find older stuff like Underneath the Radar and other titles from the mk1 era. Also, some shops didn’t have an ‘electronic’ or ‘techno’ section, so you’d have to go through both ‘Rock’ and ‘Pop’ music.
I bought Dubno and (the Danish) Dark & Long cd on April Records. The latter was easy to find here of course.

Also got the Kiteless video from the Underworld mail order that existed back then.

But yeah, discovering new stuff was exciting. I remember the excitement when I found some true rarities on the net. The Juanita promo cd single was among the first. Must have spent thousand of hours searching for stuff.
The webshops were a good source. eBay did it easier, but also way more expensive to be a collector.
Also remember the excitement of opening the package the mail man had delivered. It was better than Christmas.

Anyway, those are great memories.

And I guess that’s why I’d always buy a physical release instead of a digital if there’s a choice. Surely the music is the same, but the build-up to listening, and excitement isn't the same.
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