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Old 07-19-2018, 02:17 PM
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Default Re: 2018-07-14 Mad Cool Festival - Madrid, Spain

I feel it, but a fest would have to pay them more for two nights which may not be in the budget, and they'd have to prep another set, not to mention all the people who may not like underworld (blasphemy!) Who may not have attended the fest as a result.

Not that I dont absolutely want two nights of different songs, or off the cuff mixing, or any number of other cool things,thats just not where they've been for almost a decade now. As festival setlists go and given the material they are working with, it's not a bad set, but there's s always gonna be those things missed. I still have a hard time believing they didnt do dark and long OR dark train at the hollywood bowl on the 20th dubno tour, for that matter, but I have no idea what I would drop from the setlist for it.
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