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Old 06-02-2015, 02:10 PM
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2015-05-31 Berlin Festival
Anyone else out there go to this show?

I made it for my birthday (as threatened after that Hammersmith show) and what a gift! Straight to the front in a pretty good crowd, right in front of Karl, everyone around me dancing away and focused on the band. Karl was UP for it - I can't imagine how he did Barcelona and this show back to back with the amount of energy he had. At one point he stumbled backwards over some piece of stage equipment and managed to save it, claiming they hadn't slept in two days. There was some filming going on, not sure if that was part of the driver for the more involved experience, but this was more what I was thinking was going to happen at the show in March!

Darren was definitely looking more relaxed and he and Karl looked very comfortable and best matey together. A few slips - Darren hit the wrong key for the wrong song in the middle of another, and I think Karl forgot a line one place. No Rick... again. Not sure if he was back at the desk, but I didn't notice him there before the show. Probably same show as Barcelona, included Spikee and Two Months Off and Push Upstairs. They also played a bit over their allotted time and seemed to cut Born Slippy short.

All in all a LOT better show for me and I really enjoyed it. A nice little festival, we caught some of Carl Craig before and Kelala, which, considering I am not a huge grime fan, was a revelation. En route to the airport the next day we ran into some younger German gals with the wristband and asked how they enjoyed the festival. We mentioned we had come out primarily for Underworld and they had no idea who we meant. "Do you know the Underworld?" one said to the other, who then shook her head. Ah the younger generation - cmon kids!
Old 06-03-2015, 01:29 PM
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Re: 2015-05-31 Berlin Festival
17 minutes live video of Spoonman and Pearl's Girl...! ( C'mon arte! A shame it's not the full show ) :-)

Because arte is a french-german tv station, the video is only available in France & Germany.... (sorry) But I am sure you will work out a way to watch it wherever you are! ;-P

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Old 06-03-2015, 01:46 PM
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Re: 2015-05-31 Berlin Festival
Ohher thanks for that Georg! Unfortunately it seems like it won't play in my country (UK). Is it German specific for some reason? I'll send the link to the A/V dept (aka The Boy) to sort out a proxy or something. Glad to see this exists for UW, since I saw vids available for some of the others.

Edit: He got it sorted and on the tv in about 2 minutes.

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Old 06-03-2015, 02:10 PM
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Re: 2015-05-31 Berlin Festival
If he wanted to get it ripped and sent my way I can get it on the tracker...
Old 06-13-2015, 02:15 AM
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Re: 2015-05-31 Berlin Festival
I've just uploaded it to the tracker, it's a 720p stream rip. Between Spoonman and Pearl's Girl, Karl has a nice "falling over" moment, very much 1996. :-)
Old 06-13-2015, 01:46 PM
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Re: 2015-05-31 Berlin Festival
Ok Guys, lets get this setlist together.

Was it Dubno + Rez, Spikee, PG, NUXX in that order?

What about TMO and Push or is that just a case of mistaken song titles?
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Old 06-13-2015, 03:10 PM
Troy McClure
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Re: 2015-05-31 Berlin Festival
I found a YouTube vid of 'Two Months Off' & 'Rez' labeled as the Berlin Festival.

TMO (partial clip)


Old 06-15-2015, 02:43 AM
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Re: 2015-05-31 Berlin Festival
That looks about right. Karl was off to the side of the stage (and still dancing) during Rez.

Based on the Northside list - can confirm TMO for sure. Other one I thought was Push Upstairs, but perhaps it is more likely it was Pearls Girl.
Old 06-15-2015, 11:34 AM
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Re: 2015-05-31 Berlin Festival
Setlist for Denmark a couple of days ago was:

Mmm … Skyscraper, I Love You
Pearl’s Girl
Dirty Epic
Two Months Off
Born Slippy …NUXX

So its possible that Berlin was identical.
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Old 06-15-2015, 01:29 PM
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Re: 2015-05-31 Berlin Festival
Thanks I have updated the page
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