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Old 01-11-2022, 10:21 AM
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Underworld - MK2,3 collectors checklist
Well, lately I've been going through my collection trying to fill in
the gaps.

Maybe you are looking too, or maybe not.

But its nice to know whats out there.

Discogs has good info, but is a mess, same with wikipedia.

I'm going to try to concentrate on the core UK, and European releases,
with a few special editions thrown in.

Will try to cover all formats, vinyl, cd, cassette.

I don't want to do digital, because that will make it way more
unwieldy. Also will try to cover side projects, and remixes.

Old 01-11-2022, 10:56 AM
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: east coast usa
Posts: 2,348
Re: Underworld - MK2,3 collectors checklist
I have been collecting Underworld for the last 20 years or so,
ok, maybe since the late 90s.

It has been challenging, at first, there was just basic UK editions,
and some European ones, along with US, and Japan.

But there are a lot more variations out there.

So anyways, I have made this basic list from information
from Wikipedia, and Discogs.

If you want to pick up the basic versions, from the UK,
along with some of the special editions, here is a checklist
that I am using.

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