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Old 03-18-2008, 12:03 PM
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Re: 360 Must-Haves
I've got Bioshock and the Orange Box for PC, but I'm intrigued by Mass Effect and Gears of War
Old 03-19-2008, 01:22 AM
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Re: 360 Must-Haves
Oblivion! Even if you have played it on PC - I own it on both platforms and it is still as great as ever....

Mass Effect is quite good too. My firend only buys stuff from Arcade live.
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Re: 360 Must-Haves
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Re: 360 Must-Haves
Originally Posted by ceramic'cow
I've got Bioshock and the Orange Box for PC, but I'm intrigued by Mass Effect and Gears of War
Mass Effect and GOW are both tons of fun, but you might want to borrow GOW or try to find it on the cheap, because the game is quite short.
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Re: 360 Must-Haves
I'm not a console gamer but I found Beautiful Katamari (Wikipedia, , XBox) quite entertaining: In a candy-colourful fantasy world, you roll around a ball ("Katamari") that has everything that is smaller than the ball itself stick to it, thereby growing in size. You do this, of course, for the King of All Cosmos who, in a game of tennis, ripped the universe apart and lost it to a black hole. You collect new material so he can make new stars, worlds etc. He helps you by constantly commenting on how incapable you are. Fun!
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Re: 360 Must-Haves
Here are some Xbox Live Arcade titles I suggest you try the demos for. I have 50 or so, and these are my favorites:

Marble Blast Ultra
Pinball FX

There are many more, but I only want to recommend a few for now.
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