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collateral damage
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ESCALE: "The Good Light" EP. 6
The 6th monthly release by ESCALE, building their "Wait for A Good Light" album incrementally, through demos, remixes, archival and new material.

Episode 6 The Good Light

This month's release features a suite of thematically-linked, but distinct tracks culled from archival and unreleased source material. Opener "Echa (Intro)" is a melodic reworking of a favorite track from ESCALE's back catalog (see "Steps before the Final Installment" LP by Blazek/Ruskin, 2015). "Motion (Special ESCALE Edit)" is a blend of newly produced atmospheres and previous Blazek/Ruskin releases (check the EP's on Believe in Billy Records), presented as a celebratory, seamless mix. "Motion (Demo)" strips down the former track to its crisp, brand new components, while "Echa (Outro)" alters its source material in a brief, but alluringly adventurous sonic experiment.

Previous episodes:
EP. 5
Ep. 4
Ep. 3
Ep. 2
Ep. 1
Believe in Billy Records
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Re: ESCALE: "The Good Light" EP. 6
So you managed to login then?
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