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Question regarding Everything Everything
Hello all,
Not sure whether this has been answered elsewhere, but does anyone know for certain which tracks from EE were taken from which specific gigs?
I've seen Lowlands and Pukkelpop been mentioned but no indication of which year (98 or 99), or which tracks come from which gigs. The DVD has footage from Fuji Rock and Glastonbury as well as others so does any of the audio come from there too?
I imagine there's a fair bit of post production so it's not an exact recording from each gig, but any help would be appreciated.
Similarly does anyone know where the Kittens and Dark Train live audio comes from?
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Re: Question regarding Everything Everything
Tim Kong (who did video projections on the BF tour) details a lot of the DVD production tidbits here:

The audio apparently primarily comes from the 1999-03-19 Ancienne Belgique gig. And that's corroborated by the Content ID audio matching on YouTube, because whenever you have EE audio matched, it always says that the copyrighted audio is "Live / Brussels, Belgium / 1999". You can see a couple examples in the copyright information in these videos:

Tim says the video footage comes from Fuji Rock, Pinkpop, Glasto 99, and a little from Brussels. I think this is confirmed in the end credits of EE.

Update: So, there's an audience recording of 1999-05-22 Vorst Nationaal in Brussels, and that lines up to the EE recording. So, either the recording is mislabled, or Tim's memory is incorrect as to which 1999 Brussels gig it was. I'm leaning on the side of Tim's memory being incorrect, but I might try to reach out to him to confirm.

Anyway, listening to that audience recording, it's clear that the Kittens and Rowla bonus tracks also come from the same show. In fact, the recording pretty much confirms that essentially all of EE comes from it. There's a little post-production sweetening in some places, like the chord drops in NUXX, and some of Karl's interstitial bits might come from other gigs. But the vast majority of the audio is basically the Brussels gig.
Old 12-22-2022, 12:30 AM
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Re: Question regarding Everything Everything
I deep dove into some rtsr-trade archives, and found some discussions about the Vorst Nationaal gig that confirms the recording is labeled correctly. So that is indeed the source for all the audio of EE.
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