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Re: Underworld cover 'Baby Wants To Ride'
Originally Posted by superdave View Post
years later, i am looking for full version 12 inch Misterons track, but cant find it anywhere. I'd like to download it, but can only find it on apple music to stream. I had it on an old harddrive, but no more.
It looks like it's not available in the US. It still seems to be available in the UK.

In any case, it looks like it's available for purchase here, if you click on the "Purchase options":

I'm not sure how strict Amazon is on their geo-restrictions. You may need a proxy and/or a new non-US Amazon account. But they might also require a UK credit card billing address. Edit: It turns out Amazon is really strict on their MP3 purchasing, and requires a credit card with a billing address in that country.

It also appears to still be available on iTunes Store Japan and iTunes UK (as well as a few other countries):

Purchasing on those can be accomplished using the gift card trick. But maybe the best course of action would be to have someone in the UK purchase it from iTunes or Amazon and reimburse them.

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