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Underworld - Everything Everything Extras
Hello. I am considering buying the Everything Everything live DVD, but there's one thing I'm confused about. YouTube user Succubus Alice uploaded a playlist of 7 extras from the DVD, but only 2 are listed on the DVD case while the others are described as "hidden", so I wondered if anyone how you access them? maybe that's the "internet links to extra material" or "DVD-Rom with interactive text and music installation" listed on the back? Thanks
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Re: Underworld - Everything Everything Extras
Yes, those 5 tracks are part of the DVD-ROM section on the disc. They are accessible via a Macromedia Director project that lets you do some kind of interactive stuff (I forget what exactly), as the description says on the back.

You can also access the asset files directly on the disc through the file system. IIRC, they are LPCM tracks contained in a QuickTime file. They are 16-bit, but only 22 KHz, so they don't have the greatest fidelity.
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Re: Underworld - Everything Everything Extras
I had... no idea about this. HM. NEAT. JESUS.
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Re: Underworld - Everything Everything Extras
There is also this one track “speaks” which you can actually open in a sequencer (used logic, but would work in garage band and maybe audacity) which contains 9 tracks of samples that together make this track. I exported them all as single files and edit out the silences. Quite interesting and gets you something to sample. More or less ��
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