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Old 02-07-2019, 11:35 PM
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Default Re: Drift Ep. 2, Part 1 - Appleshine

Originally Posted by holden View Post
To each their own, my friend!

Frankly, a lot of my digital music gets tossed aside and forgotten. if i make the effort to buy a CD, that means (1) I like the artist more than casually, (2) i want to spend some focused time listening to them... digital is all-encompassing. I listen to streams and downloads on commutes and at work as background music.Bands and preferences come and go. It takes that little effort to load a CD and commit to the playtime. I have thousands of CDs, so the choice is not trivial. (3) Permanence, my man, permanence. So much digital info floats past us each day, we're all becoming attention-deficit. I like a reminder, a relic if you will, of what i was/am into, and the physical artwork (small as it is). It's an investment into the music of your life. Downloads are effortless and almost meaningless to me. By the way, i'm 39, have lived through vinyl, cassettes, CDs, digital files and streaming. I still prefer to collect my favorite bands on something tactile. I'll still burn mp3s/wavs/flacs to disc.

p.s. who cares about our musical consumption preferences? It''s so easy to jump media these days.

i agree with you on your thoughts.
but a lot of time you can just burn your own cd, if you really want one.

i drive an old car (20+) years, and both this and my previous ones had
cassette decks. so i switched over to an FM transmitter that plugs
into my phone, as a media player. my speakers stopped working,
so i have USB speakers in the car also. ha ha

anyways, the current car the speakers work, but i saw this gadget which
is basically an MP3 player, that plays in a cassette, but the kicker is,
i have to use an SD adapter, and put the files on microSD. you can't
really see what you're playing, or fiddle around with playlists because
it just plays tracks through. so i bought a bunch of micro SD cards,
and have them separated by groups, albums, etc. just for fun.

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Old 02-08-2019, 12:38 AM
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Default Re: Drift Ep. 2, Part 1 - Appleshine

That tape is awesome!
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Old 02-08-2019, 03:26 AM
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Default Re: Drift Ep. 2, Part 1 - Appleshine

Originally Posted by negative1 View Post
nowadays, its this stupid digipack, or even worse,
a slipcase, and thats it.
Ah, this is a good thing for me. CDs don't have that much going for them aesthetically, but the jewel case is one of the ugliest things ever, and makes CDs seem even more cheap and plasticky than they are. The recent emphasis on digipaks and digifiles is definitely a good thing for me.

Vinyl... lovely things. But frankly I can't be arsed with cleaning, surface noise, bad pressings, flipping sides every 15 minutes. It just makes it a bit of a chore, whereas a CD you just pop in and let it run.
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