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Gatecrasher 2002 full set (from DAT tape)
apologies if this is well known, but I'm pretty certain I've never heard the full set before

Superb version of MoMove/Skyscraper

"When Galaxy, Radio 1 or Kiss used to broadcast these kinds of events and festivals, a huge outside broadcast truck would park outside with cables and microphones running through to the various stages. They recorded the entire night on DAT, broadcast some live, and some in delay depending on which artists had signed their waivers or agreed to appear. Unfortunately most of the raw tapes would get destroyed, recorded over or lost after the event, but in this case our Chief Librarian and head-hoarder Andi Durrant found a big box of tapes headed for a skip in Leeds during a Galaxy office clear out. He saved them, stuck them in a cupboard and promptly forgot about them for nearly 20 years. They’ve survived in the bottom of boxes being dragged between various Riley & Durrant studio and office moves over the years, sat in cold damp basements, hot attics and left in boxes untouched until a few months ago.

Although some were damaged or corrupted, amazingly, the majority were still perfectly playable in glorious digital quality. No interruptions, no adverts - just incredible recordings direct from the stage with all the crowd noise and atmosphere.
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Re: Gatecrasher 2002 full set (from DAT tape)
oh wow. yeah the version i have and have heard was only about an hour long.
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