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Shakespears Sisters - Hormonally yours boxset-CD singles w Black Sky Underworld mixes
if you want the underworld mixes on a CD single,

limited edition here:

To celebrate the 30 year anniversary of Shakespears Sisters seminal album Hormonally Yours, London Records have announced special edition releases across multiple formats. A double platinum and top 3 UK album Hormonally Yours secured Siobhan Fahey and Marcella Detroit a place in British pop history, spawning the single Stay - which spent a staggering eight consecutive weeks at the top of the UK charts - and winning the duo an Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Contemporary Song Collection. Hormonally Yours also features singles Goodbye Cruel World and I Dont Care, tackles friendships gone wrong on My Sixteenth Apology, powerful, dangerous attraction on Emotional Thing and documents a friends coming out on Are We In Love Yet? Fan favourite The Trouble With Andre the full-throttle glam-blues of Cat Woman and glorious finale Hello (Turn Your Radio On) is the albums glorious finale: an exhalation; a glorious, earth-shuddering moment that recalls the epic melancholy of David Bowies Five Years and The Beatles A Day In The Life. Shakespears Sisters second LP, Hormonally Yours, provided the perfect encapsulation of Shakespears Sisters musical yin and yang; a deftly delivered balance of pop melody with a spikey alternative darkness.

Limited edition remastered album plus 7 x CD singles boxset. Mirror-Board packaging and new sleeve notes.

CD1 - Hormonally Yours

1. Goodbye Cruel World
2. I Don't Care
3. My 16th Apology
4. Are We in Love Yet
5. Emotional Thing
6. Stay
7. Black Sky
8. The Trouble with Andre
9. Moonchild
10. Catwoman
11. Let Me Entertain You
12. Hello (Turn Your Radio On)

+ Bonus Tracks

13. Cat Worship
14. Out to Groove [Demo]
15. The End [Demo]

CD2 - Stay

1. Stay [Radio Mix]
2. The Trouble With Andre [unsegued]
3. Stay [Acoustic Version]
4. Stay [Video Mix]
5. Stay [Andre Betts Remix]
6. Stay [Andre Betts 12 Remix]
7. The Trouble With Andre [Chris Thomas Remix]
8. The Trouble With Andre [Luke Mornay Sweeter Mix]
9. The Trouble With Andre [Luke Mornay Deeper Mix]
10. The Trouble With Andre [Edit]
11. Excerpts from the album Hormonally Yours
12. Stay [Instrumental] [may require 2022 mixdown]
13. The Trouble With Andre [Instrumental]

CD3 - I Don't Care

1. I Don't Care [7 Remix]
2. Remember My Name
3. Catwoman [BBC Session]
4. I Don't Care [BBC Session]
5. I Don't Care [Henley Board Mix]
6. I Don't Care [Radio Edit]
7. I Don't Care [US Radio Edit]
8. I Don't Care [US Alternate Radio Edit]
9. I Don't Care [7 Remix Instrumental]
10. I Don't Care [Album Instrumental]
11. Catwoman [Instrumental]

CD4 - Goodbye Cruel World

1. Goodbye Cruel World [1992 Remix]
2. Are We in Love Yet [Remix]
3. Goodbye Cruel World [1992 Alternative Remix]
4. Goodbye Cruel World [BTO Remix]
5. Are We in Love Yet [Abbey Road Mix]
6. Are We in Love Yet [Alternative Remix]
7. Are We in Love Yet [BBC Session]
8. Goodbye Cruel World [1992 Remix Instrumental]
9. Goodbye Cruel World [Album Instrumental]
10. Are We in Love Yet [Instrumental]
11. Moonchild [Instrumental]

CD5 - Hello (Turn Your Radio On)

1. Hello (Turn Your Radio On) [7 Version]
2. Let Me Entertain You [Full-Length Version]
3. Emotional Thing [Luke Mornay Emotional Mix]
4. Emotional Thing [Luke Mornay Radio Mix]
5. Emotional Thing [Luke Mornay Dispassionate Dub]
6. Hello (Turn Your Radio On) [Alternative Piano Mix]
7. Hello (Turn Your Radio On) [7 Instrumental]
8. Hello (Turn Your Radio On) [Album Instrumental]
9. Emotional Thing [Instrumental]
10. Let Me Entertain You [Instrumental]

CD6 - My 16th Apology

1. My 16th Apology [7 edit]
2. My 16th Apology [Strings Version]
3. Catwoman [Live]
4. Hot Love [Live]
5. Dirty Mind [Live] 3
6. My 16th Apology [Instrumental]

CD7 - Black Sky

1. Black Sky [unsegued]
2. Black Sky [The Black Widow Mix]
3. Black Sky [Black Dub]
4. Black Sky [Dub Extravaganza Part One]
5. Black Sky [Dub Extravaganza Part Two]
6. Black Sky [The Black Widow Mix Edit]
7. Black Sky [Black Dub Edit]
8. Black Sky [Alternative Black Widow Mix Edit]
9. Black Sky [Instrumental]

NOTE : the previous singles boxset

goes for $200-$450 nowadays.

this one costs $40+shipping.


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