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collateral damage
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Mental Health Consumer: "Too Warm to Be This Late, Too Chilled to Feel Secure"
Nighttime is a source of new perspectives and surprising revelations.
Mental Health Consumer returns with "Too Warm to Be This Late, Too Chilled to Feel Secure", an ambient journey through the late evening and early morning hours to accompany your sleepless activities. Entirely beatless, the album's emphasis is on shifting atmospheres and sensations. Tracks are named simply by the changing hours, so the listener can project their own meanings. The record is the spiritual sequel to 2016's "Early Spring Midnight Walks With Us" (released on Archaic Horizon records), another ambient excursion through the evening. In addition to the individual tracks, Mental Health Consumer shares a Continuous Mix that emphasizes the transitions in mood as the hours progress - sometimes subtle and gradual, sometimes reactionary and significant, hopefully, contemplative and inspiring.
Believe in Billy Records
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