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Re: 2018-12-02 Village Underground - London, UK
Another of my heroes was at this gig. Jon Marsh of The Beloved posted this as one of his top 5 gigs of 2018. Wish I'd bumped into him:

Underworld Village Underground 02.12 Despite owning several albums I’d never thought about going to a gig. The heavier/faster side not really me and presumably not very ‘live’. But had great reports from Mrs M and really liked the last album. Small venue, local, and very kindly gifted tickets. Open mind. Got there quite early and near stage. Watched crowd grow , groups of serious devotees, quite diverse in age & tribe. One hour set of propulsive energy, I succumbed to the tempo, the tranced-out euphoria, and the realisation that it’s utterly genuine and heartfelt and Karl obviously feels and conveys that and it resonates, and the music as ‘live’ as it needs to be/can be, because there are real people on stage and a real connection and it spoke to me which I really was not expecting.