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Re: That Pre Sale link - No Dice
saw this posted to FB that kinda explained what's up with DICE:

bottom line is there were significantly more people trying to buy tickets than there were tickets. At 9am exactly more people clicked on the Buy link than there were tickets. This put all available tickets into shopping carts, that in turn caused the "Buy Now" button to switch to "Waiting List". Inevitably, some of those purchases didn't complete, which released tickets back into the available pool, which is why some people who continued to refresh the page eventually managed to get tickets - through to about 9.15am as I understand it. It's not a perfect system, but as yet, we're not seeing any on secondary ticketing platforms - which was our primary goal here. We are working hard to protect fans and customers from being ripped off by secondary ticketing scams and there are very few ticketing platforms that really deliver that. We will learn from this and will do better next time. We're very grateful for all the support and feedback.....