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That Pre Sale link - No Dice
0850 Monday 5th November = tried to use the link to the Underworld Pre-Sale

Wants me to download Dice - Done
Wants me to create an account - Done
Link goes to the app - tickets available on the 7th (WTF !)

Goes back to the link on a different device at 2 mins past 9 - straight into the pre-sale area
Add 2 tickets for the Sunday - Done
Oops - something went wrong (multiple times)
Partner also trying to do from her work PC
Refresh - sold out

No Dice my friends.

Hopefully someone managed to get tickets today - just a frustrating cluster***k of an experience.

Another dance with the devil that is online ticket ordering on Wednesday. Feels like someone somewhere made a mistake (probably a lack of communication somewhere ?). Feels like Kraftwerk all over again !

Exciting times to be an UW fan nonetheless