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Re: 2016-03-24 London Roundhouse 1
We were talking about the setlist when walking back to the bus stop - the "spoken word" middle bit does start to drag (although if you are in a good place and can bliss out to Eight Ball then great!) and gets a little uneven in terms of fast vs. slow. I would almost move Ova Nova/Nylon Strung to the end after NUXX, move Eight Ball and Faxed Invitation together with Ring Road.Agree that mixing the transitions would be awesome!

What I do like is that they haven't gone the way of some other bands to load the front with new tunes that everyone just sits through to get to a "greatest hits" back end of the set. That gets boring too.

Well, now I wish we had stayed and just hung out in the balcony at the end. Oh well - tonight is another chance. Definitely a better crowd/show/venue/vibe than the Apollo - it seems Karl has way more energy at these shows, so perhaps the dubno material really was a downer for him to perform. FAR less yammering/beer runs/selfie taking at this show than the Apollo too. People around me came out to DANCE and that they did!