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Re: 2016-03-24 London Roundhouse 1
Wow, I forgot how good Juanita was. Thats when it took off for me.

If Rah and I Exhale are fun tunes, but I wonder if there is a better place for them in the set. I Exhale into Dark Train didn't really work for me, Having said that, I thought the setlist was amazing and the best it has been for some time. Just a bit of mixing between the tracks would have taken it to another level for me.

The surprise songs from this tour (Ring Road / Minneapolis, 8 Ball, Drity Club, Faxed Invitation) were all great and for us that go to all these gigs, nice to see them mixing it up a little. It's funny that they said they could never play 8 Ball in an Underworld gig (hence it's only outing being the Edgeland tour) - even though some people took it as an excuse for a toilet break or grab a beer, I saw plenty of people joyfully singing along....and happy

Why does TMO sound like a chilled out song in my headphones and a techno stomper live. Speaking of techno...Rowla...nice

The other new tunes also slotted in nicely. Low Burn grabs your attention with a deep bass / kick drum. It's slightly odd though - it was a bit moody but with uplifting lyrics (be bold, be beautiful). A lot has been said about Ova Nova and Nylon Strung - but I have to say they really held everyones attention and just...worked in the set. Wouldn't it have been great if the backing vocals were live too!

The fire alarm was a pain, but I don't think it made much difference. Everyone (we bumped into) was having a laugh outside in the rain. I was expecting to go back in and get Born Slippy and Rez, but we actually got the whole set including are started King Of Snake! It all added to the experience and having been to quite a few shows (at the Roundhouse alone), will make this one memorable.

I think the crowd was fairly standard for London/Underworld - I thought the atmosphere was better last year the Apollo, but then, I had been on the pop so I can't be sure.