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COWGIRL (Remix id2 A1804)
Subscribers to World of Underworld received this message in their email today:

"Cowgirl is a thunderstorm cracking right overhead. Power enough to light the night sky.

Remix id2 A1804 offers rare insight into Rick’s Romford bedroom studio during the final weeks of mixing the dubnobasswithmyheadman album. It’s a snapshot, a moment in time…

Hear Karl’s bizarre recollections of that time, and download the track for free now."

Listening now to this 17:40 gem of a jam! Wow, elements we've heard in various mixes, before, new sounds, and obviously a brand new (to these ears) mix. Someone in the know can decide how to share...its free, but came through the WofUW subscription, so...

Here's Karl reminiscing on the track:
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