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Re: RicksDubbedOutDriftExperience and DRIFT Series 1 Complete
Originally Posted by TheBang View Post
So if you just need Series 1 without the Sampler and Rick's set, then yes, Bandcamp is probably the cheapest. Actually, about $1 cheaper (or more depending on your credit card exchange rate and foreign currency fees) would be to buy it at Acoustic Sounds, along with the the 10% off coupon code seen in the upper-left of that page.

For the changes between the original Episode releases and the Series 1 release, you can read my posts about all the changes starting here. Some of them are minor, but some of them are not insignificant. It's up to you how much of a completist you are. If you want to buy the original Episodes in 24-48 quality, it looks like Qobuz has the best pricing on all the episodes. Note that Episode 2 is only available in 24-48 through Japanese e-tailers.
... Many thanks for the detailed reply.

Will probably go with the BC downloads.

I used to be a lot more of a completist but these days I've calmed down a bit.

Happy to go with the versions the band consider 'final'. I didn't listen to a lot of the original Drifts as they came out, decided to wait on the Box Set.

Have a good one and thanks again!