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Re: 2019-02-08 Groove on the Grass - Dubai, UAE
Originally Posted by potatobroth View Post
I personally don't like Juanita live - not in the way they've been doing it at least. That song is mega long and when i heard it live last year, it was identical to the album version.

I Exhale - bleh. One of my least fav tracks the newer stuff.

Other than that, looks good tho

I can see what you mean, Juanita definitely doesn't have the presence within the set it has had on many of the past tours. I was mostly reacting to the end of nuxx that got a twisted treatment, which I'm assuming was a trick or Rick's as opposed to a pre-programmed thing. I still am of the opinion that Pricey is a valuable addition on stage, even if he isn't strictly NEEDED, as it allows Rick to tweak with things more than tend to the robots.