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Re: Drift Ep. 4, Part 6 - Border Country
Originally Posted by Cadevil View Post

I'll give a (likely) unpopular opinion that this doesn't make the album--at least not in current form. It almost has a You do Scribble feel to it--Which was an amazing live track for many years before iterating to Scribble. You have to wonder why Border Country wasn't released for so long (haven't they been playing it live since last fall?). Perhaps they have been trying to "sharpen" Border Country in the studio?

Anyway my two cents...

we don't really know what the album aims to do yet, do we? If it's a 'best of' Drift sorta thing, then the track is definitely making it, as UW themselves know it's a favorite. but you have to think they have other plans in mind. I've been listening to these EPs a ton so anything 'new' would be excellent.