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Re: RELEASED! 1998.12.31 Temptation NYE, Alexandra Palace, London, UK NEW AUDIO CONST
Yeh, Ramajama was from my second metal tape and there was interference on the broadcast that seems to be on two other mp3 versions I have of the show too so maybe there were problems with the BBC's broadcast. The end 3 minutes of Skyscraper and Cowgirl are also from one of my metal tapes but its the other broadcast and the radio hiss wasnt on that show.

We tried a few different filters for Ramajama and it seemed to take too much out of the track.

As a side note...and it may piss people off but ...I've just got hold of another new source which is a 320kbps DAB rip which includes Cowgirl so this is much better than what we have on the release.

I will be remastering and re-editing it to re-release it...sorry guys...I'll see if I can do it for just Skyscraper and Cowgirl (as it has more of the end of Skyscraper too which will replace an inferior section that we've used on this release) rather than having to put the whole show up again.

What wuld be the best thing to do about the RTSR torrent? Should I delete it until the new version is ready? Or hope we can just do an update for the opening 3 tracks? Which you can then replace?

I may also try a few more filters for Ramajama to maybe reduce that hiss a bit more.

Whats the best way forward?????