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Re: Underworld Electronica contemporaries
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Wow! Waiting for the postman to ring ...

Now I am curious: What would be the other 4 albums? Thanks for the EP/single info, l'll keep that in mind. It took me years to find out the older UW EPs can in no way be compared with the usual 12" remix overdose.
My top 5 albums?

The Prodigy - The Fat Of The Land
The Chemical Brothers - Surrender
Fluke - Risotto
Underworld - Second Toughest In The Infants
Leftfield - Rhythm And Stealth

These 5 albums have had a huge influence on me and inspired me into getting into music production. Of course, these artists made other amazing albums, but I picked my personal favorite from each. I could create quite an extensive list of faves.

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