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New Album: Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future (March 18, 2016)

Release date: March 18, 2016
(March 16 in Japan)

Standard Edition
CD: Amazon UK, Amazon US
LP Vinyl: Amazon UK, Amazon US
Digital: iTunes UK, Amazon MP3 UK, iTunes US, Amazon MP3 US

1. I Exhale - 8:10
2. If Rah - 7:12
3. Low Burn - 6:44
4. Santiago Cuatro - 4:00
5. Motorhome - 6:23
6. Ova Nova - 5:31
7. Nylon Strung - 6:48



Underworld Shop Exclusives

CD Collector's Book Pack
CD+Book: UW Shop
A 12x12” 60 page soft cover book of original artwork created by tomato includes the album on CD on a pull out sheet.

Special Edition Boxset
CD+Book and LP Vinyl: UW Shop
Includes both the heavyweight vinyl and the 12x12" Tomato book with CD.
Also includes an exclusive set of 7 12x12” art prints and a test pressing of the track "Twenty Three Blue".
The first 100 copies of the Special Edition Boxset ordered from the Underworld Shop will be stamped, numbered, and signed.
The Special Edition was apparently limited to 400 numbered copies.
Update: The signed/numbered copies have sold out on the first day of sale.

From 9am GMT on Friday Nov. 27th, the CD and Vinyl albums will be available bundled with tickets to the London shows. Save 2 on the CD or 5 on the Vinyl when bought with a ticket. Tickets are only available for the London shows and please remember tickets are limited.
Update: The London shows are sold out.

Japan Bonus Track
CD: Beat Records
CD + T-shirt: Beat Records

Japan only gets the standard CD version, but it includes "Twenty Three Blue" as a bonus track.
There is also a bundle available that includes the CD plus a limited edition T-shirt with Tomato design.

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