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Re: going broke on barking
Originally Posted by TheBang View Post

Yes, well, I spend a lot of time researching this information and updating it, and making sure it's accurate, and trying to disseminate it. So I hope you'll understand if I get a bit miffed when someone starts a new thread with inaccurate information which is then repeated ($40?!!) several times in the thread by other people.
I think everyone on these boards appreciates the information that we get in the threads - I certainly do. But I think the comments in this thread are not trying to criticise the forum (although I agree that the $40 quote is very miss-leading) - I just think there are some frustrated people who want to get there hands on Underworld's material and find it very difficult/expensive. With no physical singles, the album announced but not available for several months, drips of information about singles/album availability and track listings and then of course, the bonus versions in various formats/countries. Throw in the sudden appearance of a Bungalow with Stairs album, accidental release of Grace, (early release of Barking on iTunes Japan?), releasing the Forum gig ticket bundle before the official album tracklistings, etc, and to be honest its just frustrating and VERY time consuming to work out whats going on.

Of course some of us fans are part of them problem - we want everything and we want it now!! and for the band it must be great that they have the freedom to produce surprises such as the Bungalow CD.

I am not trying to be over critical - but I do think things could have been handled a little better.

As an example of contructive criticism, the comment that 'overstock of the Bungalow CD will be available on uwlive' is hugely frutstrating. What if there is no overstock? what if there is only 10 available? will be this another Tokyo 3cd problem? do I need to check the shop every 12 hours so that I dont miss out on what is effectively another Underworld record? Change that comment to "a limitied run of the CD will be available in the shop shortly after the exhibition" in the news section of and hey presto - you have a bunch of excited fans instead of frustrated fans.

(Edit: having said the above, there is a HUGE positive in this release. I think the box set is a real nod to us fans that desperately wanted original versions of tracks. I have no doubt that Underworld massively appreciate their fans - I think my(our?) frustration is simply around the availability of information in a central place)

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