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The Dirty League - Fantasy Football/Soccer 10/11 season - Starts 14th Aug 11:30am UK

The football season doesnt start for another month, but the fantasy football website has been reset and so i've reregistered, picked my initial (random, computer autogenerated for now) team and created this years Dirty League. In fact, this year it remembered the league, and lots of other things (like my stats from previous seasons), so if youve played before you dont have to do much!

Code to join this league: 306399-80052

Ill 'be emailing a few of you Technique regulars so I'm hoping for more than the 11 people we got last year (10 the year before!)

You have 100.0 to spend on a squad of 15 players. Your squad must be made up of 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards with no more than 3 players from any Barclays Premier League club. If you dont want to spend time choosing players now, just let it autofill and do it before AUGUST 14th!

Printable list of players is here but its easier from the website because you can sort and filter but here it is:

You can pick your team now, and change it as much as you want without penalty before 14 Aug 11:30 BST which is when Gameweek 1 starts.

Good luck! Barnstoneworth United for the title! (again!)
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