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Re: Dirty Compilation 2010: Quietly Violent
Originally Posted by Sean View Post
I wish I got it in a cool way like crashing a bike. But it happened while towel drying my hair after a shower. Pitiful. It was a bad protrusion that was pinching a nerve in my neck dead, and causing the muscles in the whole upper-right quarter of my body to shrivel and atrophy. Good times! But the surgery was a full success, and I just finished physical therapy a few weeks ago. So all's well now, thanks for asking. And once I'm settled into a new job, I can get back into music as much as I used to be.
I've been having fun with a protrusion these past years - nowhere near as bad as yours, though, and from all the sitting at a desk instead of, err, impulsive, naked activity.

Anyway, I can highly recommend Yoga, as regards flexibility and keeping the pain at bay.

Originally Posted by Sean View Post
I should probably do the same. Good luck to you on staying "dry" so to speak....
Oh, if only I were already struggling with staying dry...