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Re: Underworld Live 2014 Tour Info
Anyone got a wishlist for the coming year? A few things I'd like to see:

1) Some form of setlist shakeup?

Even if certain key songs stay the same (Rez always opens, TMO is always 4th, etc.) there's way to many songs that would fit the current vibe they have live to not change it up a bit. I dig where they've gone with the current setup, they've managed to find a way to reignite the unrelenting and heavy fan/band jam vibe from the first 8 years within a static setlist, but an updated Kittens or Rowla or DA3D tossed into the rotation would be fantastic! I'm sure they can find some real curveballs in their sack of tricks too.

2) Tour dates?

Maybe the states? Please? An actual tour of their own would be really cool and could possibly allow for a bit more freedom than the festival shows have (relating to above). That and I don't particularly wanna pay $$$ just to see them in a crowd that isn't there JUST to see them...

3) Studio Material?

The Olympics stuff is fantastic, and Edgelands still gets play from me regularly, but something from the pair would be the best. It's been a little while and there were new sounds among all that VW stuff...

Any of you had any thoughts on the coming year for R&K?