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Re: underworld at large
I was at a bar in New Jersey to celebrate my friend's birthday. While working on my few glasses of johnny and coke I was constantly eying the jukebox which was spanking new, flashy, computerized and, as I later found out, connected to the net. So i fucking way! No? Yes! Nnn...YES! Casually strolled to it and had crocodile, born slippy and moaner cued up right after series of sucky rock tunes and MTV hip hop vomits. When Crocodile played people didn't pay much attention on it...they were like, whatever. Then born slippy got the attention of all the people who have seen Trainspotting, because otherwise I'm sure nobody knows the track from another place. Finally, when Moaner started playing i was grinning ear to ear. When Karl gradually went nutter with the vocals, I got the feeling that people got weirded out but i really didn't give a fuck although Moaner not even remotely it in the atmosphere of that place. I felt really good though because i stirred everybody. Most importantly the girl who celebrated her birthday liked Moaner because "the lyrics were intense"...and she got a CD with other great UW tracks. Eventually she went with me to see UW live in NY.

Another UW moment. Few years ago in Macedonia, I had just came back from a night out, got home and launched myself on the bed to recoup. I put the TV on some random channel and as i started dozing off i head river of bass played as a background theme for one of those general information programs that tells the weather, stocks, what's playing in the theater and so on. At that very moment river of bass hit the spot as its one of my favorite downtempo UW tunes.
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