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Re: underworld at large
Originally Posted by TheBang View Post
Yeah, I think some people heard Underworld out and about in the world over here:
I thought we should start the underworld spotting again, but I was thinking we should do it here. That other thread hasn't been added to in a long while. Plus it was more geared towards underworld in films, tv, etc.
I had more of a "Dude, I just heard UW while I was..." type thing.

Here's another UW at large story:

I was doing a technical training certification at this company in Atlanta a few years ago. Their building was so swank. The trainer said he had figured out how to hack into their Building Wide music system from his desktop. I said, sure fine whatever. He asked what my favorite band was, I told him. A bit later, I got up to use the restroom. While I was washing my hands, the boring bathroom music changed rather violently from Dean Martin to Underworld's MOANER. It only lasted for about 45 seconds then back to Dean Martin.
When I went back to class, the trainer was grinning ear to ear. Guess the dude had skill after all.

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