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Underworld Live @ Creamfields Buenos Aires 2006 - Review
Well, first of all: Hi!
This is my first thread and post.

After many years of waiting for them, they finally came. And what a better place to play than Creamfields.

They played 1.55 hs to be precise.
They started with Dark Train, then Rez/Cowgirl... and I think after that MoMove.
-Can you feel this bass
-a new song...
-Pearl's Girl
-King of Snake
-Push upstairs
- 2 months off
- Born Slippy (these last two were the most cheered songs of their set)
edit: I think they also played Juanita/Kiteless

And the last one was Modner.

I think that's more or less it. I run out of words to explain everything I felt during their show. They exceeded all my expectations.

I saw U2 (band that I love) this year, and let me tell you guys... but I what I felt while listening to Two Months Off and Born Slippy...pfffff

After them playing, Sasha took the main stage, and then Sasha & H. Cattaneo b2b. I was a massive festival. With over 60.000 people (the most crowded Creamfields in the whole world).