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Re: File sharing program???
Hi Bas, yeah Holden is right. There's only life on these feeds when new UW material is in progress and speculations are high. I visit monthly if I can remember and then I only click on the "New Posts" tab. Often, I scan the list of new feeds and if anything is of interest I'll post or even read, but in many cases, I just end up moving on.

My question to you is, what are you trying to accomplish? What type of files are you looking to transfer? Are you trying to transfer files from your work computer to your home computer or files from a server to a mobile device, etc...

You say you're in a facility with no access to the router for port config. Is this facility a living complex or a business?

Your question was rather vague. My knowledge is limited, but I tinker a lot with my Apple computers. I have some knowledge on the PC platform, but very limited.

At any rate, my comment will keep this feed alive and perhaps someone else can help you out if you provide a little more details on what you're trying to accomplish.

Moving on... Connected to the source...