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Re: new classics: Best post 2000 live sets?
This thread has got me going through my old bootlegs, and remembering how great the 2005-era shows were. We got stuff from the RiverRun, and lots of Darren Price interludes like Five ft Five, Moroccan Meatballs, Shake That Higher, small conker and a twix, aquafunk, yard beat, and some early stuff from OWB, like Globe= early Holding the Moth.

Sofia, Bulgaria 6 7 05
Luxembourg 11 11 05
Electraglide Tokyo 25 11 05
Electraglide Osaka 26 11 05. All smashing!

I liked a lot of the 2002-2003 shows because if the interlude improvs.

Totally agree with above comments that a lot of the LHN setlists 07-08 were outstanding.

Basically, I love any UW gig when they preview new tracks in progress, tracks that never see studio release, or deep album cuts besides the expected. So, basically everything pre-2010
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