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Re: new classics: Best post 2000 live sets?
02 creamfields
peel session (possibly their best set of all time? I certainly think it's a strong contender)
05 sofia/benicassim/exit
everything from LHN :P Heineken, Roundhouse 1, Birmingham are particular highlights for me.
09 oakland
'10 KCRW cause despite the static setlist, the sunday AM playtime for this gives it a VERY different vibe than the rest of the tour. K was /rather/ sick during this leg of the tour and you can hear the band's exhaustion in the set. It starts off slower (this is probably my favorite bird1 rendition) and by the time they get to rez/cowgirl they've completely reinvigorated themselves, or maybe just the tea/coffee had kicked in :P
'14 Maida vale