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Underworld - Germany / Norway / Denmark dates postponed
Hey dirties,

I am so very sorry to be the one to post this sad sad news, and hope, that it changes in the next few days.....however, panic and media's influence have take their hold.

I was really hoping in this fine country of reason and logic (well, sometimes), that they would not follow suit, on the fear train.....but the train has turned dark (and dirty)

The dates in Germany next week have now been cancelled, according to these sources: (German Promoter; site in German) (German article, stating the new "regulations" in detail. Also in German) (English news briefly stating the same)

I was just starting to get really excited the past few days, to see this Drift tour, here in the Fatherland.....

Oh well....hope the other dates still continue, and hope the boys have insurance for this kind of shit.

What a shame....

Be well dirties!