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Here's mix #22 : Around 18 minutes and 9 seconds of "Always Loved A Film", which is my favourite UW track.

Given the lack of official physical releases, this remix and re-edit of Underworld's 2011 single "Always Loved A Film" is taken from 320kbps rips of original promotional CD's. Tracks used are the "LP Mix Club Eq.", "Extended Club Mix", "Underworld Instrumental", "Lemonworld Mix", "Michael Woods Mix", "Wood Dub", "Solo Remix", and "Lazer Fingers Mix". Edited and resequenced in WavePad and MixPad. I've used tiny fragments of the Lemonworld mix for texture, very quietly. Doubt you'll hear those!

As a guide to what I have done :
1. Opening 8 seconds taken from mid-bridge of Instrumental, looped, and faded

2. Opening 4 minutes from Club EQ of LP version, with looped fade in on drums

2b. Vocals stripped out from intro around 2.10 and and then instrumental sections spliced in. "The Rhythm, The Rhythm..." is moved to 8.58, and the track starts on a verse not a pre-chorus.

3. Bridge crossfade into Instrumental version around 4.34

4. Loop and edit of 2nd half of instrumental which then cross mixed into the LP intro, then back into the instrumental version 1st half..

5. Splice in vocal intros pre-verse at 8.58-9.30 ("The Rhythm, The Rhythm").. and around 10.08-10.38 from Club EQ LP mix. The "Can You Feel It?" vocal is dropped out, so it's just the "Heaven, Heaven", section.

6. Back to Instrumental (First half)

7. Bridge cross fade into Michael Wood vocal at 11.40

8. Cross Fade into Lazer Fingers mix first verse vocal around 13.21

9. Cross fade into Club EQ LP mix Second Chorus vocal Part 2 around 14.20 to climax

10. Isolate and loop Piano Stabs from Instrumental Bridge at 17.45, add effects and slowly fade out

11. Add distorted vocal to fade under the Piano Stabs.

There you are! Hope you like it. It'll be on Dropbox in an hour.