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Re: DRIFT Series 2 speculation
Thinking about the current sporadic drops, with an older alternate mix and selling off some old remix 12"s and such, and listening to Drift Series 1 with a few alternate versions on the final album, I began to wonder if Drift Series 2 might see a return to the self-remixing thing. Maybe each episode would start with a track and then we'd hear it develop over a few weeks into something very different. Then onto a different track. I'm not sure how well it would translate to a final 'product', listening-wise, but it would be a something different for them to try. Imagine getting Dirty, Dirty Guitar and Dirty Epic over the space of three weeks. Or Pearls Ver2, Pearl's Girl, 14996 and Tin There.

edit: from the Cowgirl drop, this is exactly the kind of thing I mean:
Sometimes, before records arrive at their perfect point - all compact, tight and bright - they’re allowed to stretch their legs fully in order to explore their own perimeters. Mixes are carried out live, they journey around the edges of the mixing desk, following a note to see where it leads.

This previously unreleased version of the 1993 single Cowgirl is such an experiment in sound. Mixed live a few weeks before the final version arrived, this is an expansion of familiar sounds across nearly eighteen elastic minutes. It is both a chance to understand a working process and a killer piece of music in its own right.

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