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Re: How to arrange a meet and greet?
Originally Posted by darktrain View Post
No, I mean that a group of dirtylisters waited at the back entrance afterward (this was at the Chicago '99 show). Security told us that they'd already left, but we waited anyway. Eventually they came out, chatted a bit & signed some stuff (except Emerson, who darted for the car).
Yeah I had a similar experience back in 99 at a New York show, except it was Rick who darted for the car. It was actually a security guard during the show that told me to do that, because I wanted to give them the dirtylist sign we had made. Definitely got to be patient - if i remember security told me the same thing (they'd left, etc) and had to wait a while in the cold.

It helps if it's a single venue - and not a festival. Sounds like your last attempt was at a festival, which I imagine is all kinds of nuts due to the quantity of the people, so you might have better luck at Heineken Music Hall.
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