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Re: Blue Lines vs. Mezzanine
I was going with (what I have observed to be) the most renowned MA albums. Like how most people pick The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby to be the best U2 albums. Like I said in the first post, you can pick your personal fav MA album. If you guys think that Protection is also their best work, that is fine. I had just thought that it was not much disputed that the best albums MA made are Blue Lines and Mezzanine.

Protection is a good album. My favorite tracks on it are Protection, Karmacoma, Better Things, Three, and Sly. Weather Storm is nice, too. The other tracks are good or decent, but I don't care for the Light My Fire cover.

I like Heligoland, too. I guess I like Heligoland a little more than Protection. Splitting the Atom, the first single from the album, is one of the tracks I like the least. And then there is 100th Window. Great production values, some good songs, some great moments on the album, but the sound for the album is one-dimensional, and that sound gets tiring after over an hour of listening to it. It is very dreary and very drab; a combination that really brings down the strengths of the album. Some of the songs are dreary but real winners, but every one of the tracks on the album is dreary, except maybe What Your Soul Sings, but it doesn't change up the sound of the album.