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Re: Oblivion with a Hundred RiverRuns Off
Originally Posted by Sappys Curry View Post
I agree, I say the entirety of "Big Sister" is the greatest thing from that era, when judging a work as a whole. I mean, AHDO is very good and I love OWB, but I think "Big Sister" is great from start to finish (what I meant by considering something as a whole). To me, the best things Underworld has made are Dubnobasswithmyheadman, Second Toughest in the Infants, 'Big Sister', and Beaucoup Fish. Not sure what to pick between Beaucoup Fish and 'Big Sister', but damn is 'Big Sister' brilliant.
All the RiverRuns are excellent, but add me to the fanwagon for "I'm A Big Sister...", just gorgeous. That 2005-06 era holds a special place in my heart - perfect blending of hard electronic and avant garde classical ambient (inc. "Breaking and Entering")
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