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Re: Where are we now?
This is really tough for me, because it's not until I got my own iPod and computer in 2004 with access to ebay and amazon (and later, torrents) that I finally managed to clean out my "wishlist" and listen to a whole bunch of music that was new to me. In 2002 I liked UW, and King Crimson, and some indie bands I randomly discovered, but I didn't really know any better! Anyway, here's what I was into in 2004:
Underworld (obviously)
Talking Heads
Modest Mouse
Rip Slyme
Frank Zappa
They Might be Giants
The Orb

P-Model/Susumu Hirasawa (takes up nearly half of my listening)
Van der Graaf Generator/Peter Hammill (takes up the other half)
and a bunch of other bands that I apparently, have no time to listen to:
Yellow Magic Orchestra/Haruomi Hosono
Denki Groove
Robert Wyatt
Soul Coughing/M. Doughty