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Re: New UW song tomorrow: High Contrast ft TiŽsto & Underworld - The First Note Is Si
I really don't think UW are going to latch unto this "Barking sound" for too much longer. They did something different with Barking; in part what was so different was the number of collaborations, and apparently, they still want to do some more collaborations that have a pop sound to them. But I think they will move on from these things for their next album, or even before that if they do a spiritual successor to the River Run releases. Barking has its own unique flavor, but I really don't think they will just "stick to that from now on", or even that much longer.

As for Barking, I was originally underwhelmed by it, although I liked more than half the tracks on it. But I figured I'd like it more if I gave it more time. I was originally underwhelmed by AHDO, but some years later, I found myself liking it a lot more than I did when it first released. I figured the same would happen with Barking and I was right. I now like every song on the album, whereas at first I didn't. I had to warm up to it more. Honestly, I've been listening to Barking quite a lot lately, ever since late August. I like the album, but of the six studio albums (electronic albums) from UW, I'd still rank it last. But at least I came to like it more.

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