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can you feel this bass?
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Re: New UW song tomorrow: High Contrast ft TiŽsto & Underworld - The First Note Is Si
I concur with the other Sappys Curry. I've come to accept Scribble for what it is and will always prefer the original better.

Now on to this...uhm....well, I don't know what the hell this new track is. I think if I heard this in a club I'd be heading to the outdoor patio for a cigarette, and I don't smoke. As I was walking out, I'd say to myself, "Weird, that voice sounds like Karl..." and then I'd be outside.

Barking hasn't settled in well for me, with the exception of a few tracks (Moon in Water first and foremost. LOVE that.) But I figured it was just a "phase" they were going through. Get some big room play to a changing crowd of clubbers who demanded something different in their music...something those of us who are slightly older (and wiser?) did not. Personally, I despise what I'm hearing in clubs overall, but that's another matter altogether.

Hearing this now. I'm beginning to fear for the future of Underworld and if I have any part in it. I love these guys. They have made some of the most thoughtful, emotional, incredible, gorgeous music I have ever heard and it has been a veritable soundtrack to the last 12 years or so of my life. Cliche but true.

But the shit that's being played today is soulless and gutless noise. That's all it is and I fear that Karl, Rick and Darren are getting sucked into the vortex of it. I sincerely hope not.

Jesus, what I wouldn't do for something that even hinted at another Riverrun Project.