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Re: 230605 - 18 minute unedited Silver Boots/Yard Beat/Push Upstairs jam
Originally Posted by darktrain View Post
This can only be played 3x in a 2 week period in the US. What the actual fuck?!

Yeah, I know - that's one of my (few) gripes with mixcloud. In general it's pretty nice, and I don't think I've ever had anything removed from my account. Like my old dj sets are still being hosted - unlike Soundcloud, which regularly dropped my stuff (even back when I had a paid account).

But having said that - territory restrictions are a pain, so each time they've had something on mixcloud, I immediately copy the link and just plop it into Mixcloud Downloader


Check your PM's - I just sent you a sendspace link to an AAC copy of the jam

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