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Re: UW London 17.18.19 Oct
didn't ever get round to writing a quick review of the gig on the 17th so here goes. missed the support due to an argument with the wife over what she'd done with my dirty shirt. can't believe i've lost it...........grrrrrr

anyways like ian first gig since the smoking ban and while it made a pleasant change that for once at a gig i did not feel like one of the oldest members of the audience the odious smells coming from various directions was an unholy connoction of BO, cheesy feet, and farts (or dancefloor bombs as i'm now told they're called). on the flip great to come out not stinking of fags, but i did miss my usual mid gig spliff

more importantly the boys were quality, sure i could moan that i've seen em play more flowing danceable gigs but i really enjoyed the set list. starting off with rez really got me bouncing and i haven't danced that hard for what seems like ages. rowla for me was a particualr high point; and beautiful burnout sounded lush although slightly ruined by the crowd cheering as thou the sond ended just as it kicked back in. loved the inflatable cylinder thingamajigs, and some of the visuals were excellent, although not to sure about the men in a room bits, although the mark knofler one had me LOL.
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