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Re: Albert Camus - The Stranger
Originally Posted by *_*
actually i was pretty bored with/while typing that out.

nothing i said really indicated to any degree my own appreciation of the book. i just thought that pointing out a few of it's "academic" qualities might help a few here grasp what Camus set out to "do" with the story.

and that's awesome you enjoyed it. i quite like the little book as well, but 'The Myth of Sisyphus' is better IMO.

i'm a psychology/philosophy double major, so Camus, absurdism, etc. is rudimentary fare. (i quite enjoyed typing that out).

Anyway I think all you said was true, but IMHO, camus' books don't need to be littered with foot notes to existentialist essays. (That would be more like Sartre.) I think they are more complete in themselves. Which is good news for those who don't want absurdism to be a rudimentary musing. Which is to say it shouldn't seem pointless, but hey there's always room for taste.

More immediate books might be the plague or the fall. check them out if the stranger didn't catch ya
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