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Re: Albert Camus - The Stranger
Originally Posted by *_*
unless you have a pretty solid understanding of Camus' 'The Myth of Sisyphus', as well as absurdism and existentialism (think Jean-Paul Sartre), The Stranger' prolly seems pointless.

ultimately the story is a kind of existential allegory. it's up to man to choose the meaning of his existence. he's entirely responsible for his facticty, and can make no excuses for his actions.

that sort of stuff.

along with 'The Myth of Sisyphus' this book's a good primer for Camus' canon.

You enjoyed that didn't you?

While all of that is true, my level of appreciating the book is more simple and immediate. For me the book is more visceral and sensory. asking questions about how meaningful, how rich and deep any sensory experience can take our existence by the hand and walk into a sense of life meaning.

I enjoyed saying that too
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