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Re: [info] -> _underworld_discography_updates_
Originally Posted by negative1 View Post
anyone have the times for the live tracks:

live At Summer Sonic: 2016 (DL Card)
DLC-1 If Rah
DLC-2 Two Months Off
DLC-3 Low Burn
DLC-4 King Of Snake
DLC-5 Born Slippy -Nuxx-

Hey, I PMed you a link to the MP3 copy I have of the separate download that came out, not from the boxset. I imagine they used the same tracks, but shame they cut one from this set. Sadly, I don't think they released it in lossless.


01 If Rah 6:13
02 Two Months Off 8:08
03 Ova Nova / Nylon Strung 12:03
04 Low Burn 6:52
05 King Of Snake 7:03
06 Born Slippy (Nuxx) 9:55

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