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Re: Underworld Recordings
Originally Posted by whatmakesustick View Post
I have been sorting through some old recording that I downloaded a while ago (probably from the tracker). The folder name was 'underworld - live - 1996 glastonbury' - however, I don't think underworld played glasto that year. The recording is great, including a slowed down rez. Does anyone have any idea what this is - am guessing it was miss labelled on the tracker and it might rng some bells with someone?
It's Organic. At the end of the set, Karl talks about how they SHOULD have been at Glastonbury that weekend (because Glasto was cancelled that year).

Someone listening to it misunderstood what was being said though, and tagged it as this non-existent Glasto set. I think you got it from the Horde FTP, because it was on there like that for a while. It was never on the tracker.